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2018年 06月
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2018年 07月
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トップ > SALE アウトレット > 【訳ありアウトレット】 PowerColor パワーカラー グラフィックボード Red Devil RX VEGA 64 8GB HBM2 [AXRX VEGA 64 8GBHBM2-2D2H/OC] [AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB] [通常保証] [管理:WH001:1]

【訳ありアウトレット】 PowerColor パワーカラー グラフィックボード Red Devil RX VEGA 64 8GB HBM2 [AXRX VEGA 64 8GBHBM2-2D2H/OC] [AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB] [通常保証] [管理:WH001:1]

製造元 : PowerColor
価格 : 86,184円 (税込)

(3,000円未満 宅配便648円 ゆうパケット 378円)


この商品は「お得」な 訳あり アウトレット です

この商品は、外箱(化粧箱)に若干の傷や凹みがある、「訳あり アウトレット」です。通常よりお得な価格でご提供していますが、製品そのもの・付属品・保証などは通常の商品と同じです。ご安心ください。


A New Generation Arise in Gaming
PowerColor VEGA 64 Red Devil has 4096 stream processors and 945MHz memory clock. With a dedicated High-Bandwidth Cache, the VEGA utilizes HBM2, the latest in graphic memory technology, to provide incredible levels of power efficiency and memory performance.

Unleash your gaming power
PowerColor RX Vega 64 Red Devil equips with two 8pin power connectors with 12 phases to bring extreme gaming experience. RX Vega 64 gears a triple-fan cooler which gears 8mm*2 + 6mm*4 not only makes the card as cool as possible, but also unleashes your ultimate gaming power!

1.Back plate
Red Devil back plate with additional cross bracket on HBM strengthens the protection of GPU.

2.BIOS with Three Modes
- Silent mode with Mute Fan technology ensures quiet operation.
- Std. mode pursues balanced gaming experience, low temperature with good OC capability
- OC mode for gamers to push the limit of Red Devil

3.Stronger MOS, better protection
DirectFET provides superior power efficiency and offers better thermal protection.

4. Cooler
2x8Φ + 4x6Φ heatpipes combining with more heatsinks efficiently dissipate the heat and card as cool as possible.

5. LED Light
Make your Red Devil glow red in the dark.

6. Twelve Phases
- Offer sufficient power supply.
- Better temperature control.
-Deliver highest stability for overclocking.

Two Ball Bearing
4X greater longevity
+20% efficiency
The cooling fan equips with two-ball bearings which increases 4X longevity and +20% efficiency.

Mute Fan Technology
0db ?Silent gaming
Mute Fan Technology intelligently turns off the fan below 60℃, providing silent gaming during medium and low load while reducing power consumption simultaneously.

Platinum Power Kit?DirectFET
? Digital controller and Super Capacitors for improved reliability
? Superior power efficiency
? Significantly low power loss

Dominant triple-fan cooler for ultimate gaming experience
RX Vega 64 equips a triple-fan cooler which gears 8mm*2 + 6mm*4 effectively lower the temperature to make the extreme performance. On the other hand, it increases more fins on the heatsink to enlarge the surface for heat dissipation and better performance.

Back Plate
- 1.5mm metal back plate is extremely tough to prevent PCB bend.
- Additional cross bracket on HBM strengthens the protection of GPU.
- Cross bracket is for supporting the fan and heatsink weight more balance on the GPU.

8X Capacity / stack
HBM2 vs. GDDR5 (Over 50% smaller footprint).

VR Friendly
Vega Red Devil has two HDMI ports which can connect display and VR device at the same time so you can enjoy VR experience more easily!

Shine your Red Devil
LED switch glows your Red Devil in the dark!


Graphics EngineAXRX VEGA 64 8GBHBM2-2D2H/OC
Video Memory8GB HBM2
Engine Clock1417MHz (up to 1607MHz with boost)
Memory Clock945MHz(1.9Gbps)
Memory Interface2048bit
DirectX? Support12
Bus StandardPCIE 3.0
Standard Display ConnecorsHDMI x2/ DP x2
Customized Specifications
CrossFireX? TechnologySupport
AMD Stream TechnologySupport
AMD Eyefinity TechnologySupport
AMD Hypermemory
Board Dimensions316mm*150mm*55mm
Minimum System Power requirement (W)750W
Extension Power ConnectorTwo 8-pin PCI Express Power connectors


商品番号: 4713436170372-wh001-1



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